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The world feels chaotic and my thoughts break it into pieces easier to handle.  In concentration of Pictures, Words, Exploration of Textures, Light, Shadow, and Color …I find rest in day to day living. I share my art and thoughts on my blogs, hoping to help the well- being of other souls.

My Poetry and Other Thoughts you may find here:

Rescued by Words    Lifeboat 21

Residing in South West Florida where it is lovely and warm, I am a photographer and writer gone rogue! I find passion in painting with pastels, fiber art and other mediums.

You may find me spending most of my time as an Instructor and Website Administrator at North Port Art Center in North Port, Florida.

There is something inspiring

and interesting everywhere we go.

My desire is to showcase what

we may miss along the way…

the softest light, a glint in the eye,

the beauty of an object,

a moment in time almost forgotten…


night heron2-9624

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

— Anonymous

keep out-wm